Water tower sculptures arrive at Madison Square Park

Images courtesy Thelma Garcia

Three water tower sculptures, designed by the Brooklyn-based Chilean artist Ivan Navarro have been installed in New York’s Madison Square Park.  Measuring seven feet in diameter and standing on eight-foot-high supports, visitors can walk beneath the towers and look inside to see neon reflections that repeat infinitely.     Titled “This Land is Your Land” after a Woody Guthrie song, they allude to the freedoms offered in this country to its growing immigrant population.  The interior of one tower features the word “me” and “we”, another features the word “bed” and a third will display the image of a ladder all of which is composed of neon light.  An internal arrangement of mirrors will enable each word or image to repeat perpetually through a seemingly endless vertical space.   The exhibition, courtesy the Madison Square Park, is on view from February 20 – April 13, 2014.

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