Institute of Urban Designers, India to launch Mumbai Chapter

The Mumbai Chapter of the Institute of Urban Designers, India (IUDI) has brought together an inclusive group of multi-disciplinary professionals ranging from planners, architects and policy makers and more with a mission to improve the quality of life and the image of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region through good Urban Design by sensitively working with existing urban neighborhoods, new sustainable developments, and the creation of better public places and humane built environment.

The Institute of Urban Designers, India (IUDI) was launched on 15th March 2008, with headquarters in New Delhi and IUDI has five Chapters so far. IUDI Mumbai will be launched as a Chapter in February 2014.

To address Mumbai’s diverse and rapid development challenges, the IUDI Mumbai Chapter sets itself the following goals and objectives as part of a Four-Point Agenda:

  1. Promote and Advocate Good Urban Design for the City and the Region
  2. Engage with, include, educate and learn from all stakeholders in the urban development process
  3. Promote Urban Design Education and Support Fraternity
  4. Be a Resource of Information on Urban Issues

Such an initiative is not only timely but has been one of the most crucial step which Mumbai as a City has completely missed out in the past which has become quite evident in the way Mumbai’s built environment is shaping up. At best, it feels fragmented, dysfunctional and lacking some of the most vital issues like livability, affordable housing, public spaces & amenities and public transportation. And thus keeping in mind the challenges faced by the City, IUDI aims to engage with people at different levels- academia, policy makers, local governance and professionals.

The IUDI Mumbai Charter will help impart an important gap in the development of Mumbai and the region. Several national policies emphasize the need for cities to plan ahead – primarily from the perspective of assessing future infrastructure demands.

Best practices of Urban Design can recuperate the quality of life for Mumbai’s people. The IUDI Mumbai Charter provides the foundation to start achieving that goal through the principles of good urban design.

Eventually it is the public life of the citizens of Mumbai and its region that will better. It will attempt to give the city a make-over as its reality and image develop towards becoming a city that is more responsible, more affordable and more accessible.

The IUDI is having its General Body Meeting on 11 December 2013 at 4pm at Rizvi College of Architecture, Bandra (W), Mumbai.

The Center is gearing up to launch itself as the ‘Mumbai Chapter of IUDI’ during its GBM and for membership enquiries one can write to:

For more information visit:

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