George Nelson: A Retrospective

George Nelson Exhibition at Power House Museum, Sydney, 2013

“Design is an integral part of the business.” These are the words of George Nelson, one of the most important American designers of the 20th century. Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum is hosting an exhibition of his works, not only as an architect, but also as a graphic artist, product designer and much more, giving glimpse of his interesting career.

A model of American National Exhibition Pavilion

In some of our past blogs, we have discussed the variety of career paths some architects have chosen. George Nelson seems to be the one who has done almost everything an architect can do at the time. After earning an architectural degree, he worked as an author and journalist.

A model for the American Exhibition 'jungle gym'

In 1947 he opened his own design office when Herman Miller commissioned him to design their collection of furniture. He then ventured into business communications and corporate design of the company. His practice worked in the field of architecture, interiors, graphics, exhibitions and products.

Model of Experimental House

Walking through the exhibits makes one realise the creativity and versatility of Nelson. From miniature models of furniture to dozens of unique clock designs, the display is well curated to experience the complexity of his works.

George Nelson Exhibition at Power House Museum, Sydney, 2013

So if you are in Sydney anytime until 10 Jan 2014, do visit the exhibition.

Photographs by Vin Rathod, text by Priyanka Rathod

Vin Rathod is an architect and a photographer. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture from KRVIA, Mumbai and Master of Construction Project Management from UNSW, Sydney. Vin is an Emerging Member of Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) and works in Sydney, Australia. For Vin, each photograph is a design; a design for the subject, be it an art, architecture, city, or a sculpture. He thrives on creativity and imagination and is always developing new ideas. The photographs speak of his vision to see built-form as an artwork. A collection of Vin’s fine art photographs are constantly evolving as seen on his website Through Vin’s Lens.

As an architect, Priyanka is very much interested in exploring designs with sustainable initiatives. After completing Bachelors of Architecture from KRVIA, Mumbai University, she did her Master of Architecture with major in Design from UNSW, Sydney. In her professional career, Priyanka has worked on variety of projects – urban and rural; commercial, institutional and healthcare both in India and Australia. Her volunteering initiatives include participation in the event organising team of Archikidz! Sydney 2012 held during Sydney Architecture Festival. Currently, Priyanka lives and works in Sydney enjoying her time between professional work and some personal initiatives including writing for Through Vin’s Lens.

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