New York film school says ‘action’ in new Battery Park facility

Guest Contributor – Karin Kloosterman

I live in a historical building that also serves as a music and performance hall. World music musicians, dancers, whirling dervishes, gurus from India and Kabala centers, spiritual seekers, TED talkers – you name it – have found ‘divine’ inspiration at my home in the heart of Jaffa.

There is no doubt that old buildings have personality with their nooks and crannies to explore. Ghosts to meet. Ceiling heights, room dimensions, tiles, and fixtures are from another time and they affect how we create. Once in a while the cracks and crumbling walls get to me though. No matter how much my husband patches them up, they blow open again. Sometimes I dream of moving into a condo that’s small, fresh and clean; compact and super functional. A place with a clean slate.

Turns out that the New York Film Academy is going to get the best of both worlds - a clean slate and that old historical inspiration as it upsizes its old facilities in Soho to a massive campus at Battery Park.

The new Battery Place facility just being polished off will replace the school’s NYC location, 568 Broadway in SoHo at the corner of Prince and Broadway, which was also a contemporary facility. The film school’s Union Square offices at 100 17th Street in the historic Tammany Hall will stay as the school’s main headquarters and will remain home to a number of the New York Film Academy programs.

But the new facilities are meant to inspire. With impressive views from almost every window, young film makers from far and wide who have dreamed of making it in New York will be dreaming, dancing, editing and saying ‘action’ at the new facilities.

David Klein the senior director at the New York Film Academy tells WAN METROBLOGS: “As filmmakers we recognize that our surroundings do and will impact the art we make. While our older historic facilities in Tammany Hall at Union School – which we will keep – add that certain character which helps us learn, create and grow as artists, the new facilities gives our school that contemporary edge too.

“Meanwhile our space at Tammany Hall has wonderful character and will continue to provide New York Film Academy students will a buzzing, exciting environment to learn, create, and grow as artists.”

What to expect? “Our new location at Battery Place is an improvement over the SoHo space, as it is five times the size. We will have four new shooting studios, four new dance and movement studios, larger classrooms, two screening rooms, several computer editing labs, wonderful administrative space and large new equipment room to house all of our state-of-the-art filmmaking gear.”

Rooms with a view? Klein adds: “The views of New York Harbor and the Statue of Liberty from almost every classroom at the new space are glorious. While there, you cannot help but feel like you are in the heart of one of the most inspiring cities in the world.”

Photos of new Battery Park facility courtesy of the New York Film Academy.

Karin Kloosterman is the founder of an environment news website Green Prophet.

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