Vivid installations by architectural professionals

Guest Contributors – Vin and Priyanka Rathod

In our earlier post ‘The facade as a canvas of light‘, we talked about the relationship between art and architecture where artists created light-art projections on some of the prominent facades along Sydney harbour. Vivid Sydney also hosted some innovative and interactive small scale light installations fascinating the visitors. Without doubt, some of them were conceptualised, developed and installed by professionals from architecture industry. Below are some we found very captivating.


Designed by the team at Hassell – Jason Hammond, Sarah Meyer and Bridget Tregonning – the installation Rats was based on the story of an infestation of rats arriving on ships from Europe in early 1900. The Walsh Bay Wharfs, where the installation is located, was renewed to include a pre-cast concrete seawall to stop the rats. It was very intriguing to see the rows of lights (eyes) in one corner of the bay, staring at you.

Possible Imprints

Nikola Kovac and Nicholas Malyon along with David Vu designed this dynamic interactive installation where visitors can push the luminous acrylic rods to create (and leave) an imprint. It was quite playful and attractive for people from all age groups.

Planet: Under Construction

The team at Woods Bagot – William Fernandez, Young Lee, Thomas Hale, Amanda Gore, India Collins, Sophia Bennet, Danny Wehbe, Penny Craswell – designed this globe-like sculpture from orange construction cones that symbolises planet. With its bright colour and strategic location, it was an attractive piece of artwork.

Euphonious Mobius

Rebekah Araullo’s sculptural freeform is an experiment to explore the visual and interactive potential of architecture and media using rich data displays cutting-edge design and application resulting in a 3D space.

Field of Colours

Nicholas Elias and Clinton Weaver had a site right under Harbour bridge and opposite to Opera House. Their take for the installation created a landscape of light and colour that reciprocated to view from all angles. With its soft presence, it created a surreal world for the passer-by.


Rana Abboud with Ewen Wright conceptualised the installation as a genetically modified breed of Digitalis Purpurea, a toxic plant that defends itself from threats by rattling. The cleverly used crumpled plastic cups rattled and LEDs brightened to warn off the intruder that approached too close to the installation.

Polka Kucha

Josh Henderson, Kat Jurkiewicz, Donn Salisbury, Ryan Shamier and Catriona Simmons from Grimshaw and Electrolight designed this simple installation based on the power of colour to influence mood, energy and spacial perception. The colours and form changed when a visitor turns a wheel to experience his own personal preference.


Designed by Jon Voss, a light-art representation of a bee-hive, the installation was inspired by the juxtaposition of apparent chaos and strict order.

Vivid Sydney is an annual event that brightens up the dark winter evenings of the City of Sydney. Expressions of interest are called for every year and a selection is made by an expert panel. For those who have inspiring ideas, look out for the call of expression of interest for next year’s event on Vivid Sydney website.

Photographs by Vin Rathod, text by Priyanka Rathod

Vin Rathod is an architect and a photographer. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture from KRVIA, Mumbai and Master of Construction Project Management from UNSW, Sydney. Vin is an Emerging Member of Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) and works in Sydney, Australia. For Vin, each photograph is a design; a design for the subject, be it an art, architecture, city, or a sculpture. He thrives on creativity and imagination and is always developing new ideas. The photographs speak of his vision to see built-form as an artwork. A collection of Vin’s fine art photographs are constantly evolving as seen on his website Through Vin’s Lens

As an architect, Priyanka is very much interested in exploring designs with sustainable initiatives. After completing Bachelors of Architecture from KRVIA, Mumbai University, she did her Master of Architecture with major in Design from UNSW, Sydney. In her professional career, Priyanka has worked on variety of projects – urban and rural; commercial, institutional and healthcare both in India and Australia. Her volunteering initiatives include participation in the event organising team of Archikidz! Sydney 2012 held during Sydney Architecture Festival. Currently, Priyanka lives and works in Sydney enjoying her time between professional work and some personal initiatives including writing for Through Vin’s Lens

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