AIANY takes to the public policy stage

Courtesy AIANY

The American Institute of Architects New York Chapter (AIANY) has long played an advisory role to Mayoral administrations, agencies, and the City Council.  Now the organization will intensive its efforts to shape public policy beginning with the current major effort, a 30 point “Platform for the Future of the City to be considered by candidates running for office in New York this year.

“For our city to maintain its global competitiveness in attracting and retaining talent and business opportunities elected leaders must envision the shape of the 21st-century metropolis.  Quality design of buildings and the public spaces between them increase property values and propels the desire to be here,” said Jill N. Lerner, 2013 AIANY chapter president.   “New York City needs the values, principles, practical knowledge, and professional expertise of the architect.”

Courtesy AIANY

Developed with the specialized knowledge of AIANY’s program committees, “A Platform for the Future of the City” addresses issues at four scales – our buildings, our neighbourhoods, our city and our world. The platform identifies the 30 most pressing challenges facing New York’s built environment ranging from streamlining the city government approvals and creating affordable housing for an ever growing population to maintaining global competitiveness and promoting design internationally as we grow business at home.  Some specific policy solutions proposed include creating a new Deputy Mayor post, building at least 100,000 units of housing, utilizing zoning and incentives to continue to grow the tech sector, promoting active design and making simple changes to support an aging population.

For more information about AIANY’s 30 point Platform for the Future of the City and the accompanying exhibition running from 11 May to 29 June titled “Future of the City”.  presented as part of NYCxDesign and now on view in the galleries of AIANY’s Center for Architecture go to

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