Asking Architecture

This year’s exhibition in the Czech and Slovak Pavilion will belong to the project Asking Architecture which presents more than 18 artists and creatives groups from the Slovak Republic and Czech Republic. It is an unconventional installation which relies solely on virtual and augmented reality and reveals itself only after the visitor makes a step towards a collateral communication with the exhibited projects and the artists themselves.

The exhibition leaves the pavilion without any conventional physical exhibits. However, 26 installations from 18 artists and creative groups are delivered through a technology of augmented reality. Custom made tablet software will encourage the visitors to leave rich video of comments that will be used to catalyse a further development projects.

The Asking Architecture project questions whether there are emerging approaches to architecture in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic and probes it’s historical and socio-cultural background with attention to its international relations,trying to find out whether it is a new concept at all or rather a fundamental return to the basis of architecture coming from outside the discipline.

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