Spontaneous Interventions

The U.S Pavilion organised by the Institute for Urban Design on behalf of the U.S Department of the State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs is devoted to the theme Spontaneous Interventions: Design Actions for the Common Good. The exhibit features 124 urban interventions initiated by architects, designers, planners artists and everyday citizens that bring positive change to neighbourhoods and cities. The selection was narrowed down after a search process that included an open call for projects realised in U.S cities in recent years, which yielded over 450 submissions.

The exhibition captures one of the most compelling contemporary urban trends, wherein individuals are taking it upon themselves to create projects that expand the amenities,comfort, functionality, inclusiveness, safety and sustainability of cities. From park let’s to pop-up markets, sharing networks, and temporary architecture, Spontaneous Interventions highlights viable citizen-led alternatives to traditional top-down urban revitalisation tactics.

Together, these projects offer an opportunity to examine the history of the American city, painting a critical and dynamic portrait of its most pressing issues today and a vision of its future.

At heart, Spontaneous Interventions is a reflection of country’s complex attitudes towards civic participation, social justic, and the built environment.

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