The future is bright, the future is QR codes….

Each pavilion in Venice had something unique and different to offer but perhaps the pavilion that spilt the opinions of the public the most was the Russian Pavilion.

the space is divided into two rooms. The first is a pitch black room full of white dots with white light shinning out of the them. When you get close to the peep hole their is an image or text regarding the scientific towns and cities that were dotted across the soviet union which were a secret from the outside world. The exhibition space is an clever device to make you feel you are spying into a hidden world.



In contrast the second room is three spaces covered in QR codes. On arrival you are given a tablet and asked to scan each code to discover the plans for a new city of science located near Moscow.the city will include a new university and homes for more than 500 firms working in 5 distinct fields of science.



The Russian pavilion is certainly eye catching and distinctive but I felt the QR code room was rather lifeless, there was a lack of conversation and interaction among the visitors in the room. I felt I couldn’t relate to the project as seeing it through a screen made it less accessible and I could of accessed the same information from my desk at work.

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