Bouroullec Brothers + Axor Perfect Together at ICFF

Ronan Bouroullec and Phillipe Grohe, Axor's Brand Manager, at ICFF

Axor Bouroullec was the best in show at New York’s ICFF.  Taking home the ICFF Editor’s Choice Award in the Kitchen & Bath category, the collection, which includes more than forty bathroom products – from faucets, accessories and washbasins to the bathtub- is beautiful and remarkably customizable, hence the name “Feel Free to Compose”.   The products are unique in that they are designed to respond to individual needs rather than the other way around, where the individual adapts to the product.  The specially crafted material of the basins, which is softer than typical porcelain and thus not prone to breakage or cracking, allows for after market customization.  A special drill bit comes with the product and little to no experience is required to get it right.  With the Bouroullec’s behind the design, it is sure to become a classic. I went to see the Axor Bouroullec launch not expecting to buy something but I couldn’t resist its simple lines and the fact that it makes such good sense to design a product in this way.     Look for my ICFF picks in the forthcoming issue of World Interiors News, a sister publication of World Architecture News.

Axor Bouroullec "Feel Free to Compose"

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