One World Trade Center Tops Empire State Building Today

Today the building known as One World Trade Center, formerly the Freedom Tower, will achieve a major milestone, reaching 105 stories to become the tallest building in NYC.  The announcement was what New York Post reporter Josh Margolin called “an all out business war against its Midtown cousin” the 102 story Empire State Building.  The fanfare generated by the announcement is intended to draw new tenants to the building, including poaching some from the Empire State building, by promoting the building’s new observation decks and winning back broadcasters with its massive antenna.   “We’re looking to maximize revenue and maximize the reputation of 1 World Trade Center”, said Douglas Durst, who is building the tower in partnership with the Port Authority.  The New York Post estimates that the antenna alone could easily generate $10 million in revenue.  While estimates of how much income the building’s amenities will generate – like the gift shop, observation decks and concessions- are yet unknown, they will certainly be an improvement over those at the Empire State Building.  One World Trade Center will open in early 2015.

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