Sydney calendar events 2012

The new season in Sydney promises to be very busy with art, design and architecture events. Over the past few years, Sydney has improved immeasurably in the number of open spaces and opportunities to talk about emerging and experimental architecture and design.

To open the season in the beginning of March was Green City 2012, that instead of organising conferences exclusively for design professionals, decided to direct the events at the city dweller, organising workshops and activity spaces to better educate the public’s awareness of environment problems.

This is exactly what Sydney is doing: organising large scale events that bring the people closer to their city. That happens in Vivid Sydney which will ‘switch on’ its lights from 25 May until 11 June. Every year the event proposes a mix of concerts, light shows and experimental exhibitions and this year beyond the lights show in Circular Quay will be Urbanscreen, the Germany creative firm that is going to lighting the sinuous shapes of the Opera House.

One event that looks particularly interesting is Sparc Design 2012 (31 May – 2 June), a mix of interactive display, high quality images and texts that guide the visitor around the exhibition. At the first sight it looks like a close exhibition for design professionals, but on the last day (Saturday 2 June) the event is open to the public for free, with workshops and activities for kids.

Vivid Sydney is housing Our generative ecology symposium by Billy Blue’s Design College (1 June). The aim is get together the academic and industry worlds to share, exchange and discuss ideas. On 8 June, during Vivid Sydney, the Sydney Architecture Festival is going to present the topic for this year – Beyond Boundaries – asking ‘What would you do if you were Mayor for a day?’ to open the discussion about the future of the metropolis. This will be an invite-only event, but the results will be shown during the Sydney Architecture Festival (24 October – 4 November).

From Thursday 26 April to 14 June, Sydney Open presents a series of talks, study groups and walking tours starting with Talks: House. The event will provide a good opportunity to discuss the development of the Australian housing market over the past few years.

No events preview could be complete without mentioning the 18th Arts Biennale which will be held 27 June until 16 September. It will probably not have the same importance of many others around the world, but will be a good way to review the contemporary art status in Australia.

Unfortunately less promoted compared to the others events is Smarts House 2012 (13 – 27 April) produced by the City of Sydney. It is a youth arts festival to show the works of young people between 15-26 years old in the areas of visual arts, design, film, performance arts and music. A good stage for young talents with few money in their pockets but a lot of ideas on their mind. It is an interesting way for youth to approach the art world and enjoy the parties organised in this occasion around Chippendale.

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