Sponge Park: Cleaning up the Gowanus

In 2007, the Brooklyn, New York-based multidisciplinary practice dlandstudio, was approached by the Gowanus Canal Conservancy to look into managing storm water on the Gowanus.  Tapping into her network to gain grants for the project and enlisting the interest of a bunch of agencies at the local, state, regional and federal level, dlandstudio Principal, Susannah C. Drake was able to grow the project into a comprehensive master plan of the area and its resources, from which Sponge Park™ evolved.    Sponge Park™ works on the principal of using plants to clean water.  Surface run off is diverted and filtered through a series of planted cells that remediate the water.   Funding has been secured to build the first pilot, where both quantity and quality will be tested, and for an education program.   In addition to Sponge Park™,  dlandstudio is engaged in many game-changing projects, most notably the capping of the Brooklyn Queens Expressway to create a continuous greenbelt that would support parks and recreational activities.     

Courtesy dlandstudio


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