Green Building Codes Progress Report: NYC on track to become the greenest city in America.

Two years after New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg established a Green Codes Task Force that made 111 recommendations for reducing New York’s carbon footprint by greening building codes, the city has issued a progress report and the news is good.  The newly adopted green building codes are putting the City on track to meet PlanNYC’s goal to lower carbon emission, energy consumption and to become the greenest city in America.

According to the report released last week,  29 of the 111 recommendations have been adopted.  While seemingly a small fraction of the total, the 29 recommendations have had a dramatic impact thus far, diverting 100,000 tons of asphalt from landfills each year; reducing greenhouse gas emissions citywide by 5 percent; lowering the costs of lighting energy by 10 percent; and providing $400 million in savings by 2030.

”When we launched PlaNYC five years ago, we put forward a bold vision to make our City more sustainable, and meeting those goals is now a part of how our city develops,” said Mayor Bloomberg.  “The forward-thinking proposals enacted in the last two years will benefit buildings that make up this City and the people who inhabit them.  Echoing the Mayor’s enthusiam, City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn said, “We are well on our way to making New York the greenest City in America. “

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